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This is the Eckerd College web server for user web pages. The opinions expressed on these pages are the author's alone and do not reflect the policy or opinions of Eckerd College.

If you choose to create a web page for yourself, you will need to know your rights and responsibilities as a web author. The content of the web page is not censored or audited by the school, however, you are subject to all state and local laws, as well as the Shared Commitment to Academic Honesty. Please remember that you can not post copyrighted materials without the permission of the author. If you wish to complain about the content of a page, please contact the author first. If you still have a dispute with that person, contact the System Administrator and they will forward it to the appropriate authorities.

Publishing web pages

Setting up your account

Before you publish for the first time, you will need to set up your directories and permissions. Fortunately, we provide a script to do this for you.

To run the "Web Publishing Information script", follow these steps:

    TELNET to -- in Windows, do this:
    Click on Start, located in the bottom left corner of the screen
    Choose Run from the list, then
    Type telnet
    Click on OK
    At the login menu, type 5 for Web Publishing Information
    The script will set your acount to display web pages and display your acount infomation for you.


FTP can be used either on- or off-campus on all types of desktop systems. You must have an FTP client application on your system to transfer files via FTP.

If you need to download and install an FTP client application: Windows users can download WS_FTP, Mac users can download Fetch.

Enter the following information into a New Connection in your FTP application:

    User ID: your username
    Password: your password

After connecting to acasun, you will be located in your account's directory. There will be a folder, created above, called "public_html" Upload files to that location.

To view your pages online, go to:[your_account_name] in your browser.

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Looking for the staging site? is our staging area for the WWW and Intranet servers. Click on the link to read instructions for the staging site.

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