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Posted April 14, 2014

On this date in history: July 26th

811: Battle of Pliska, between the Bulgarians and Byzantium. (historymedren)


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French medieval battles
New additions 2011: Conquereuil, Restellou, Val es Dunes, La Roche Derrien, Mauron, Auray, Bauge, Patay, Formigny, Combat of the 30, Najera
Observations on French Medieval Battles
The Birth of French Feudal Coinage in the 10th Century
Serial Entropy: Angouleme
Battle of Castillon, 17 July 1453
Visitor's Guide to Carolingian Languedoc and Roussillon
Toulouse and Languedoc
The Albigensian Crusade: People, Coins, Places
Romanesque Churches of France - not numismatic
Charles the Bold and the Battle of Grandson
Charles the Bold and the Battle of Morat
Unique coins
Charles the Bold and the Battle of Nancy
Partial Visitors Guide to Carolingian Germany)
Battle of Cocherel 1364 (with relevant coinage)
Siege of Chartres 911(with relevant coinage)
French Medieval Battles and Battlefields (with relevant coinage)
Visitor's Guide to Carolingian France: Savoie
The Carolingian's Decade Horribilis: 877 - 887
Battle of Bouvines - 1214
Battle of Poitiers II: Moussais - 732
Melle: Mint and Money
Visitor's Guide to Carolingian France: Loire and Touraine
Visitor's Guide to Carolingian France: Aquitaine and Perigord

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